Different Looks With A Blazer

August 12, 2011

If you guys don't already know, I am a blazer FREAK. I just love the chicness they can add to a casual outfit! I can actually say I'm a blazer collector haha!
So I'm just going to share the ways I normally wear my blazers and I hope you guys like them!

There are many styles of blazers around but I prefer the boyfriend fittend ones.
All the items included are from Topshop. I will be doing three looks; girl-boy style, girls night out & causal everyday no acessories will be featured. Enjoy! :)

Look one. The boy look.

Look two. The casual look.

Look three. The girls night out look.

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  1. i'm a sucker for a blazer, too! my fave is a peachy topshop one :) xx


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