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What's hot right now girls?

July 14, 2011

Well us guys in England are having a crappy summer right now but our sense of style has to stay strong guys even when Mr. Weather is in a mood lol.

Fedoras are sooo in right now. They definitely complete an outfit!
Team them up with anthing to boyfriend blazers, peg leg trousers, skater dresses, lightweight leather jackets, skinny jeans, high waisted shorts, you name it!

Side split skirts or maxi dresses are super sexy. To dress them up, add wedges or high heels to add length to your legs. To dress them down, and wear them casually, wear a pair of coverses, yes I said converses lol and add on a long cardigan or denim jacket to finish the look.

Crop tops, Crop tops, Crop tops. Where do I start? They are literally EVERYWHERE. Different shapes, different cuts. Those who are fearless and have a stomach to die for can flaunt there stuff in a crop top teamed with with low rise trousers, jeans, or fitted mini skirts. Those who are less confident in showing therir midrift can still wear these tops! Team them with high wasited trousers preferrably slim fitting such as peg leg trousers or skinny jeans or even high wasited shorts or skirts such as the one shown in the picture.

Lastly collars, collars, collars, whether it's on a shirt or a skater dress they're in! One of my favourite styles right now. Without adding that sense of masculinity, collars on shirts and dresses may have lace detailing or may have a rounded shape or even embroidery. I love it. dress them up dress them down they work any outfit.

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