Forever 21 Grand Opening at London's Oxford Street - 27/07/11

July 28, 2011

Hey guys! OMG yesterday was the day everyone was hyping about, the grand opening of Forever 21!! I was there at 8.10am waiting for the store to open at 10am. Minutes rolled by as I was making new friends in the queue lol. It almost hit 10am when photographers were taking there places and it was annouced that the lovely fashion, art & music blogger Bip Ling ( was to come out and pick 3 people in the queue who she thought were the best dressed! To my suprise she chose ME as one of them!!! I was so hyped up! Then she told us that she would pick one of us who would then win an all expense paid trip to LA!!!! Unfortunately I wasnt chosen, but I was given an £100 forever 21 gift card!!

I kind of felt like a celeb when all these photographers were snapping pics of me and the girls lool, don't tell anyone!

Here are some pictures I took:

Here I am on the far right with the two other girls and Bip Ling: - Forever 21 EU
My next post will consist of a picture haul (what I spent my £100 on!)

       - Remi

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  1. I love forever 21!

  2. It's at times like these that I wish I was still living in London! x

  3. Yay!! So exciting! I love your blog - you have such great style!! :)

  4. london people are so lucky!!!!
    here where i live there isn't a reals Forever 21 shop;(
    enjoy to go shopping there!

  5. wow great i love this brand!!!
    stop by my blog i'd love it!


  7. Aint you Lucky!! I was at the store opening too. Maybe next time i might win something!! That day I spent about £99 in there!!

    Check out my blog here @ hothappenings

    Also I have a competition for you to win a ticket to the PAUL COSTELLOE opening show of London Fashion Week this Friday. See my blog for details.


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